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The Power of Community

Funny Boy Thomas, VP of AACUW

Hello reader,

My name is Thomas Khoo. I started Applied Analytics with Nick not only for his reasons stated before but also because of the power data has to bridge things together. After reading the articles posted on our Facebook page, it is clear that data plays an underlying role in many things. And the best thing: anyone can learn it.

The resources to learn visualization software, like Tableau and Power BI, and programming languages such as Python and SQL, are available at our website ( Under the Resources tab you’ll find links to languages and programs that can teach you how to use them. Applied Analytics provides the opportunity for individuals to enable themselves with the data analytics and machine learning skills employers are seeking.

You may ask at this point, what does that have to do with community? The community aspects are derived from the accessibility and availability. There are no financial barriers to consider, no discrimination or bias, no ambiguity about what you know. You have the skills they want. Period. Not many disciplines bear all three.

On top of the individuals benefit, many analytics require the specific understanding of the data’s nature. Data takes on any form. Data can predict how a protein will develop without having to wait months while on the other side data can predict when a woman is pregnant. Data give you incredible power. Understanding data’s cohesive nature will create synergy that will elevate everyone to higher levels and brighter skies.

Join us in our endeavor to lift the community!


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