RECAP 10/23/19: SQL Workshop

In this fall quarter workshop, we introduced SQL and some of its main syntax, as well as how to download MySQL. About 30 members attended, but for those who missed it, here is a brief overview of what we discussed. For your reference, we have also included links to MySQL and the complete slides from the workshop.

Covered in Workshop:

  • Database Management System Overview
    • Hierarchical vs. relational
  • Syntax (Insert, Update, Select, etc.)
  • Joining Techniques
  • Keys, Composite Keys, Foreign Keys

MySQL Download,   Workshop Slides

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Recap 10/16/2019: Marketing with Data Guest Speaker: Stewart Pearson

For this week’s guest lecture, we had Stewart Pearson coming over to talk about what he has discovered working as a marketing specialist for years in different countries. The topics include agencies, advertising and brands in the golden age and a case study of Coca-Cola…

Covered in Guest Lecture:

  • How advertising agencies evolved
  • Advertising, brands and culture in the golden age
  • Impact of competing emotionally
  • Why Pepsi failed and why Coca-Cola continues
  • The functions of advertising in our culture and commerce
  • Advertising Today
  • Most Effective Advertising: Long-Term
  • Agencies Today
  • Challenges Today

Guest Lecture Slide

Our Blog’s Purpose

“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.”

Sherlock Holmes

Fictional character quote aside, data is utterly important, both in 1887 at the birth of Holmes and now. Those with the data and the knowledge to interpret it have a significant advantage over those without. Today’s top companies, top executives, and top job candidates understand that an up-to-date data-driven aptitude is required to excel today and to survive in the future.

This blog is an extension of the content curated and created by the Applied Analytics Club at UW (AACUW). AACUW was founded in the fall of 2018 to offer a broad exposure of data science and analytics to the University of Washington community. The purpose of this blog is to extend our mission further into the online space to make data education even more accessible. We will post original content including step-by-step tutorials, club updates, and opinion posts discussing data from university students’ lenses. Finally, we will re-post significant content from our other online outlets such as our YouTube page, Linkedin page, Instagram page, and Facebook page (all content including event details are posted on FB… we recommend you follow/like us).

Finally, we encourage data-passionate individuals to contribute by becoming writers on this blog! Contact if you are interested in contributing; we welcome students and professionals alike.

Let’s build an online data community where students and professionals can collaborate and share ideas together!

Nick Stoner, President of AACUW